Project Galveston


From New York to California

Letter from the Director

I believe that an experience like Project Galveston can be a positive one in your child’s life for various reasons. While spiritual growth is the primary objective, PG is also designed to build responsibility and dependability into the lives of the students. All aspects of the project (including project responsibilities, a full-time job and involvement with the local church) work together to better equip them to be effective as college students and leaders. In addition, we are partnering with local employers in the area to secure full-time jobs. Consequently, we believe that the Lord has provided a unique opportunity for students to not only invest in their walk with the Lord by receiving invaluable spiritual training, but also to invest in their future career paths by obtaining respectable resume references.

In light of this, let me encourage you to discuss this opportunity with your child and to hear from them why they are interested in Project Galveston. If your child is accepted, they will receive further details about the summer.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss any other questions you may have about Project Galveston or Campus Outreach.

Parent Testimonials 

I have seen my children grow into Christ-Centered leaders because of the invaluable training and experience provided at summer projects.
— Col. Kurt Stinemetz, Retired USMC
Best way for young adults to spend their summer!! As a parent, I am forever be grateful to you all for investing and sharing the Gospel like this!
— Ivonne Keith

Sample Weekly Schedule

Sample Schedule for Parents.png